Our Five Common Mistakes While Using Smartphones

Let us Talk about Five Common Mistakes in Smartphone Use.

Our lives are much more straightforward than our ancestors’. However, are we as healthy as they are? The answer is not affirmative, unfortunately. We benefit from technology, but technology does not come as a freebie. It has its ramifications. With unprecedented smartphone users worldwide, people are prone to many health problems, and they end up with decreased life quality. We cannot argue that we should quit using smartphones. Nonetheless, we may use them more responsibly. 

1-    The wrong posture and browsing the screen

Excessive head leaning during smartphone use would bring solemn health issues. Cervical discal hernia or neck curvature may be adversely affected. Thus, use your phone at your eye level and protect your health.

2-    Keeping phone next to you while sleeping

Smartphones are nothing but electromagnetic transmitters and receivers. To this end, they continually send out radio waves. Science has not proven it, but exposure to these waves for lengthier times does not seem to be a smart thing to do. On top of that, receiving messages while asleep may cause sleep disorder or deficiency. 


3-    Prolonged Blue Light exposure 

Using a blue light filter or adjusting the backlight can help users minimize those issues.

You need melatonin hormone to adjust your sleep. Nonetheless, your phone screen reflects the blue light suppressing this hormone. You end up with sleep disorders. Vision disorders and headaches may also be caused by blue light. Use a blue light filter or tune up the backlight; you may solve these issues.  

4-    The signal is poor or weak.

Your smartphone tries harder performing to receive adequate signals in case of weak signals, making it warmer. It means an additional problem for the phone. Thus should your phone has a low signal, do not use your phone unless you have to.

5-     Too much contact with your Smartphones

When smartphones contact the skin longer, it heats up, causing dermatological disorders. Hence, carry your phone in the bag if possible. Moreover, headphone use during phone calls can also avoid excessive contact with the phone.

Too much contact with your Smartphones

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