Sanitize Your iPhone Case

Kill Germs, Viruses, and Bacteria in Your Case

Sanitize your iPhone case or not? Many people think they have clean phone cases and handle them liberally, but much research suggests otherwise.

A University of London researcher stated: "Our analysis disclosed alarming results from the UK. Although some cities were comparatively better, E. coli was everywhere on phones and hands, indicating a nationwide problem. The claim is that people regularly wash hands, but the science has some other things to say."

Quite alarmingly, fecal origin bacteria are in 20% of mobile phones.  Moreover, our hands host them, and they are readily carried to mobile phones with a touch. Adding more salt to the wound, those with bacteria on their hands had them three times more, where you guessed, on their phone and phone cases.

Notably, three million children under five die from pneumonia and diarrhea annually. Washing hands with soap is exceedingly efficient in avoiding these diseases.


 Mild soap and a damp cloth would help clean them, even though they are exceedingly healthy. In  Barchello leather cases, you can clean them in minutes.

Sanitize your iPhone case or not? The answer is affirmative. Based on a University of Arizona research, ten times more bacteria were found in high school students’ cell phones than on toilet seats.

Whereever They are Mobile Phones, So are Bacteria Viruses, and Germs

A 2018 Deloitte survey on American consumers estimated that smartphones had been checked 52 times on average, totaling24 Billion times a day.

We have exceedingly dirty places in our everyday lives, including ATMs, counters, public toilets, shoelaces, soles of shoes, doorknobs, light switches, and pet's eating bowls. Unfortunately, we regularly have to touch them.

Your smartphone accompanies you no matter wherever you are heading. Your phones are not immune from germs, viruses, and bacteria, so are your phone cases. . Thus, you must realize that your loved ones are constantly subjected to those germs, viruses, and bacteria.

How can I escape from the Coronaviruses? Why? Addressing the question, WHO discloses, “Use an alcohol-based hand rub or soap and water to wash your hands? Why? You have to destroy the virus before it gets you badly.

What are next are the eyes, nose, and mouth. Please do not touch them! Why? Hands contact places highly contaminated with the virus. Therefore, touching your eyes, nose, or mouth means carrying the virus to you."


Sanitize your iPhone Case; It is a Must.

Undoubtedly, the Nova corona season has brought a new era and forced people to use several phone-cleaning products. They are handy and include microfiber cloths, rubbing alcohol and water, disinfectant wipes, and hand sanitizers. Our previous blog specifically elucidated on keeping your Barchello iPhone leather case clean.

We assure you that the Barchello leather iPhone case is a true fighter for your iPhone and renders it immaculately clean. 

What is more, use microfiber cloths for your case surfaces as soft enough materials will not scratch surfaces and  keep dry leather clean with no damage.

Here is the Question. Coronavirus or A Brand New Barchello iPhone Case?

We have confronted an unbelievable number of deaths due to Coronavirus. Unfortunately, it is everywhere. You wish to look for a solution to a challenging issue.  Think smart, think easy. Leather may be the answer. Try our leather iPhone Case.  

,Barchello only uses premium leather, nothing else, for its one-of-a kind iPhone cases. Is it not time to be meticulous about your health and sanitation. Then, get a special Barchello iPhone case. You will not regret it.

Sanitize your iPhone case or not?  Reading this blog will make you do it as people are not immune from dangerous foes, such as germs, viruses, and bacteria.

We have a more brilliant offer for you. Switch to a Barchello leather iPhone case to assist your sanitation.

Sanitize your iPhone case or not? A much better alternative, replace your phone case with a Barchello.

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