Snap-on leather cases and colors

Impeccably chosen colors on Snap-on leather cases for your iPhone

Here is a story of a novel ketchup brand that has been virally famous. You may understand the extent of the success as you have noticed that ketchup cannot be found in supermarkets but is only available on eBay. Millions of bottles have been sold, the sales reaching $23 million. What makes this product unbelievably successful? Guess what, it is the color. The ketchup is green. Although you cannot differentiate taste, price, and ingredients, you still want to buy it because it is green.    

A similar success story may just be around the corner. Snap-on leather cases and colors can do the same. In a study called "Why color matters," Jill Morton has accentuated that more than 90 percent associate the product with visual factors while buying. More than 80 percent suggest color is the most critical factor in choosing the product.

A worldwide color survey included about 300,000 people and discovered some interesting results.

Happiness is associated with yellow.

The color of power and desire is red (tomato).

White is the color of purity.

Dignity can be expressed by dark blue.

Arguably, high quality and gold are the perfect matches.

The high-tech color is silver.

one-of-a kind-snap-on-leather-cases-and-colors

Thus, we wish you to portray purity, dignity, quality, desire, and happiness. Barchello snap-on leather cases and colors are the perfect matches for you.

To Barchello, color, style, and material are a must and vital for all its products. The company wishes to shield their invaluable customers' iPhones and give them the satisfaction they have longed for.

 Colors and leathers

Barchello has many types of leather, including pebble-grain, floater, suede, and nubuck, and uses them to make one-of-a-kind smartphones' snap-on cases.

Black and brown are classic leather colors. However, a new trend has already arrived, suggesting using pink, red, blue, and white as seamless colors for pebble-grain, floater, suede, and nubuck leather. Barchello has selected these colors to use in its products. Good news. 

Are you looking for style and harmony? Barchello snap-on leather cases and colors deliver.

one-of-a kind-snap-on-leather-cases-and-colors

As researchers have suggested, a close link exists between culture and color. For example, Americans like cooler colors and do not care for olive pigments and brown.

Purity and innocence are represented by white in the US.

Kimball's blog "What Do World's Top Brand's Logos Have In Common?" suggests that the top brand's logos have chosen the following colors with the respective percentages.

Blue, 33%,

Red, 29%, 

 Black or grayscale, 28%, 

and Yellow or gold colors, 13%.

 Moreover, More than two colors occur in 5% of the top brand's logos, while 95% utilize one or two colors.

Barchello selects the best colors

Studies suggest that people almost have the same impression of some colors worldwide. For instance, blue globally reminds people of calmness and peace. 

As we suggested, color speaks for itself. Humans and animals always associate color with a thing or feeling. We respect our customers. We want a healthy, long-term relationship between our customers and us. Thus, we wish to know this language. Barchello uses this language in selecting colors for snap-on leather cases.    

We will continue seeing reviews and studies. But do not worry at all. Barchello will keep providing you with the best material money can buy and offer top-notch products with elegant styles and colors. 

Searching for the best possible match between snap-on leather cases and colors shall continue here at Barchello.

Snap-on Leather Cases, specially designed for your iPhone 13 by Barchello Leather 

Pebbled leather with premium quality, nubuck outside, and microfiber inside. We call you to feel, smell and see the change.   

All are handmade and thus cut exclusively by hand and crafted. The incredible craftsmanship makes exquisite leather stitching, curvatures, and cut-outs.

Our ever leather product comes with hand-pressed monogramming. A gold or silver foil option is available.

All our products are specifically designed for the mobile lifestyle. We offer accessories with expert craftsmanship, and they are all functional, elegant, and slim. We complete our product meticulously, offering the highest quality and paying attention to detail for every corner, cut-out, and monogram.

 Barchello Leather is the Tale of Brightness and Motivation

Barchello Leather was born from a love and passion for leather and transforming the material into something invaluable. Barchello Leather's vision started thanks to three dedicated friends who wished to inspire and nurture the human spirit. What came to their mind was to come up with a canvas, a symbol for self-identity and self-expression. Leather artisans, veterans, and foreign designers were the people making Barchello Leather one of the top-notch brands and achieving unprecedented elegance in the people's mobile lifestyles worldwide. Barchello, with premium leather accessories, claims to introduce you to sophistication in your mobile lifestyle. It provides durable, elegant, fashionable, and functional leather iPhone cases with an all-in-one vision. You stand out from the crowd wherever you go thanks to our sleek, modern, and luscious iPhone 11 snap-on case designs having personalized options just for your needs. We believe that extraordinary should be a standard and be far from expensive. Making its own style, the Barchello builds a community next to you. 

Why do not you visit our website, select the customization option, and do inform us so you can have an iPhone 13 case specifically designed for yourself?

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