Valentine's Day: Romantic Love, History, and Legends

Valentine's Day is observed on February 14 each year. It has its roots in the fifth century. Pope Gelasius I declared February 14 to be a feast day in 496 in honor of Saint Valentine of Rome. He perished in 269 AD and was a Christian martyr. Since then, Valentine's Day has spread throughout the world and established itself as a significant religious, commercial, and cultural festival of love.

Myths surrounding Valentine's Day

The ties between Saint Valentine's Day and the Saint are explained in numerous stories. Legend has it that Saint Valentine was subjected to torture by the Roman Emperor Claudius II, who considered saving his life by converting him to Roman paganism. Saint Valentine rejected the emperor’s approach and made an effort to refute his assumptions. The Saint was therefore put to death. Valentine, however, saved Julia, the daughter of his jailer, from death by healing her. Jesus was believed in by Julia and the 46 houses that made up the jail.

Another fabrication claims that Valentine sent Julia his first "valentine" card the night before his execution, addressing it as "your valentine." By then, the phrase "from your valentine" had come to be used frequently in reference to Valentine's Day.

According to a different version, Emperor Claudius II barred soldiers from attending the wedding because he thought the married men would not make excellent soldiers. Valentine disagreed with the ban and kept off-camera Christian weddings for soldiers. To remind the men of their vows and God's love, the saint presented them parchment hearts cut into the shape of hearts. This tradition led to the widespread use of hearts on Valentine's Day that exists today.

Ancient Roman Lupercalia Ritual

Despite the lack of concrete proof, many contend that Lupercalia, an old Roman ritual, was Christianized on Valentine's Day. They contend that February 15 was the Day of the fertility festival honouring Romulus and Remus, the Roman founders, and Faunus, the Roman agricultural god, and that this is how Valentine's Day got its start. But not with love, Lupercalia was associated with reproduction, good health, and purification.

Priests who make up the festival's Luperci group would gather at the revered Lupercal cave. It was said that a she-wolf cared for Rome's founders Romulus and Remus in this cave. One of the priests would offer a dog for cleansing and a goat for fertility. The blood would then be washed with milk. The colors of the feast and Valentine's Day today were blood (red) and milk (white). At the end of the fifth century, the Pope forbade the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia.

Romantic Love and Valentine's Day

Geoffrey Chaucer's The Parliament of Fowls (1382) is thought to have been the earliest literary work to mention Valentine's Day and romantic love. Chaucer imagines a bird parliament where the birds can select their partners. These lines are addressed to Queen Anne of Bohemia and King Richard II.

The Carter of the Court of the Love provides the first description of the annual celebration of love on February 14. The Charter, which was drafted by Charles VI of France in 1400, specifies how royal members are expected to behave during events like feasts, poetry readings, and jousting.

Valentine's Day Commercialization

In 1797, The Young Man's Writer, a collection of recommended romantic rhymes for young lovers unable to create their own, was published in Britain. Printers started creating "mechanical valentines," or cards with lines and doodles. Paper Valentines were quite popular in the 19th century and were made in factories. Around 60.000 Valentine cards were delivered by the post in the UK alone in 1835, and that figure rose to 400.000 at the start of 1840.

In the United States, mass production of Valentine's Day cards started in 1847. The industry in the USA was influenced by England. Since the 19th century, handwritten letters have lost significance due to the mass manufacture of Valentine's Day cards. Along with cards, gifts such as chocolates, flowers, and other items have also been given. For Valentine's Day in 2015, 1.9 billion pounds were spent in the UK.

Since the 19th century, Valentine's Day celebrations have evolved thanks to new technologies. For instance, the proliferation of the internet has altered customs and Day's digital tools. Today's world is full of e-cards, printable cards, and love coupons. A Hallmark Holiday, February 14 is regarded as such because of its financial advantages.

Worldwide Valentine's Day Celebration

Valentine's Day rituals like giving flowers, sending cards, and other traditions originated in England and then expanded throughout the world. Since it is regarded as a Christian holiday, several nations, like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Afghanistan, are against the Day's greeting. However, Valentine's Day is widely observed even in these states.

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