Which iPhone case are you looking for?

The Very Best Barchello iPhone Leather Cases Just for You

Which iPhone case should you go for? No easy answers exist. It all depends on many factors.

 Allow us to elaborate. 

As suggested by an NPD study, most iPhone owners (87%) have a protective case. This figure is higher than the average. More than three fourth of smartphone owners possess a phone case. The executive director of NPD, Ben Arnold, suggests that iPhone owners have used the case for their phones more than any other phone type. He adds that the iPhone case market is rich, explaining this situation. Some iPhone owners (27%) call themselves “quality protectors”, while this figure is only 13% for Android users, he claims.   

Another NPD survey included more than 3,200 consumers (13+) from the US and suggested five primary groups buy phone cases.

Prioritizing Protection: This group is just after protecting their phones from extrinsic factors. 

Fashionista: They want their smartphones to look handsome and stylish.

Stylish looking and cheap lovers: These people wish for stylish phones, but they do not want to pay a lot of money for a phone case. Thus, the answer is group dependent. Which iPhone case is the best for you? Let me know which group you are in. 

Basic Protector: All they look for is just simple protection. Elegance, style, and other factors are not important to them.


Technology freaks: They are interested in the whole package. They and their phone cases and phones are almost inseparable.

Which iPhone case is the best for you? Then, choose the iPhone cases from Barchello. You will stand out from the crowd. You will be a new group favorite. 

Barchello Leather Cases, Your Choice! Your Style!

The same survey reveals that case usage among iPhone owners is higher than any other smartphone type or brand. 

iPhone owners use their cases more than any other Smartphone users. Nearly half of iPhone users will have at least two cases while using that particular phone. 25% will have multiple phone cases concurrently. Which iPhone case is the best for you? What you prefer depends on which group you are in. Yet, lifestyle is also critical. Suppose you are a lady liking style and elegance. A leather case with a pinkish hue may be best for you. Barchello answers your elegance and choice.

Q: Which iPhone case is the best for you?

 A: Customization

Should you use your smartphone heavily at work, you need the strength, durability, elegance, thinness and endogenous appearance Barchello can offer. Do not forget most smartphones come with cases. Your taste can only be evident in a customized solution. With one-of-a-kind monogram heat pressing and exquisite taste, Barchello delivers. When you have more than one phone case, it helps a lot. Statista in 2017 stated that almost 80% of smartphone users possess a case, and the figure is increasing. Your travel needs and being on vacation also affect your choices. Which iPhone case is the best for you? With many options available, Barchello has the answer. 


Barchello Leather is the Tale of Brightness and Motivation

Barchello Leather was born from a love and passion for leather and transforming the material into something invaluable. Barchello Leather's vision started thanks to three dedicated friends who wished to inspire and nurture the human spirit. What came to their mind was to come up with a canvas, a symbol for self-identity and self-expression. Leather artisans, veterans, and foreign designers were the people making Barchello Leather one of the top-notch brands and achieving unprecedented elegance in the people's mobile lifestyles worldwide. Barchello, with premium leather accessories, claims to introduce you to sophistication in your mobile lifestyle. It provides durable, elegant, fashionable, and functional leather iPhone cases with an all-in-one vision. You stand out from the crowd wherever you go thanks to our sleek, modern, and luscious iPhone 13 wallet case designs having personalized options just for your needs. We believe that extraordinary should be a standard and be far from expensive. Making its own style, the Barchello builds a community next to you. 

Why do not you visit our website, select the customization option, and do inform us so you can have an iPhone 11 case specifically designed for yourself?

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