Which iPhone Case is the Best for You?

Which iPhone case is the best for you? Our response to this question is contingent upon a number of variables. We'll see.

According to an NPD survey, more iPhone owners than the typical smartphone user (87%) use a protective cover with their device. Over 75% of smartphone owners have their device covered with a case. NPD executive director Ben Arnold states, "There are differences in the protection motivations of owners, but the wide variety of cases made for iPhones on the market today likely drives much of this attachment. Case usage among iPhone owners is higher than that of owners of other phone types." For example, just 13% of Android owners identify as "quality protectors," but 27% of iPhone owners consider themselves to be individuals who want the highest possible level of protection from a smartphone cover."

According to a different NPD poll, which included a US representative sample of over 3,200 consumers (aged 13 and up), there are five primary categories of phone case buyers:


Prioritizing protection: For this group of people, priority is the protection of their telephones from external influences. 

Fashionista: Members of this group must customize the appearance of their smartphones.

Cheap and fashionable lovers: These folks don't want to spend a lot of money on phone cases but still want them to look good. Which iPhone case fits you the best? The answers vary depending on the group you are a part of.

Basic protector: Members of this category tend to be less concerned about stealth. Simple defense is sufficient. Style, elegance, and unique qualities don't appeal to them.

Techno-freaks: Members of this group are fascinated by the features on phone cases. They pay great attention to technology. They work in tandem with phones and phone cases.

Which iPhone case fits you the best? Right now, this group's favorite will be Barchello’s customized iPhone cases.

Barchello Leather Cases: Select What You Want! Your Style!

According to the same report, iPhone owners use their cases more frequently than owners of any other brand or type of smartphone.

For the duration of their phones, nearly half of iPhone users switch between phone cases. It's also known that 25% of iPhone users switch their phone cases frequently. Which iPhone case fits you the best? Whichever of these groups you belong to will also influence your preference. It is a fact, nevertheless, that your choice will be largely influenced by your lifestyle. If you're a chic and refined woman, a pink-toned leather iPhone case will look great on you. Your elegance will be reflected in Barchello iPhone cases.

Q: Which iPhone Case is The Best for You?

A: Customization

The stylish, robust, thin, and natural-looking Barchello iPhone cases are a great option if you use your smartphone a lot for work-related purposes. Most cellphones these days come with cases. Tailor-made phone cases provide alternatives that showcase individual preferences. Barchello offers aesthetically pleasing leather phone cases that may be personalized with a monogram by heat pressing.


79% of smartphone owners, according to a 2017 Statista survey, report having a case for their device, and that number is rising. It also changes according on how frequently you travel and whether or not you are on vacation. Selecting some dark colors might make sense if you travel frequently. Possessing many phone cases will let you consider your varied preferences. Which iPhone case fits you the best? Barchello has been providing you with a lot of choices.

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