Your iPhone and Fun Activities for Your Family

These days, your iPhone can mean more than a phone and can serve as a life-saving device by allowing you to engage in fun activities. COVID-19 has hit the world tremendously. Wuhan province in China was the first quarantined with a 60 million population.

Next, Italy and Spain were severely hit in Europe. The US had to stop flights from Europe. By March 31, 2020, at least 124,000 public and private schools faced closure in the US due to COVID-19 affecting more than 55 million students. 

People were not planning anything like this. As visiting crowded places seems very dangerous these days, staying at home and doing some fun activities may be a life-saver.

Although the national health protection agency, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), issued many emergency measures and reported, "Consider adjusting or postponing large meetings or gatherings," life must continue. Research discloses that people looking for novel things are happiest and healthiest. What are you waiting for? Use this opportunity to have some quality time with your family. The following summarizes the activities you can do with your family and close friends.

Why not Enjoy a Cooking Night?

Most people find great pleasure in cooking. Yet, it would be best if you had some extra effort to make it fun for children. Why do not you take your iPhone and find a cooking app? It will be fun for the children. The Internet has tons of recipes to choose from. You can indeed find something enjoyable for your all family. For children, playing with flour and making dough is fun.

Moreover, you can protect them from sugary and junk foods (high in calories, low in nutritious value) by making healthy foods at home. Your evening will be most enjoyable when you enjoy time-sharing, entertainment, and healthy food. Visit Epicurious, Food Network in the Kitchen, BigOven,, and Yummly; all the recipes will be waiting for you with cooking apps and fun activities.


Is not It the Right Time to Play Some Games Together? 

Children like playing together. Think about your iPhone, fun activities, and games. Children even forget to eat and drink while playing. Children can readily learn when they play. Grab a board game or puzzle. Jigsaw puzzles are fun to solve. We suggest that you try educational puzzles. We recommend an anatomical jigsaw puzzle. Should you look for apps, Catan, Hidden Objects, Scrabble, Uno, and Carcassonne are for you to enjoy cheerfully.

Do You Know a Better Relaxing Activity than Gardening? 

Children enjoy playing with sand and soil. Let them plant and grow a tree. If you choose flowers or vegetables that your kids like, they feel they grow their products. Gardening is beyond a daily activity. Kids learn patience, perseverance, and the value of time from it. Should you have a garden, make gardening a family activity. Your iPhone is again your helper and will help you organize your garden, as it has apps, such as Smartplant, Garden Plan Pro, My Soil, Gardentags, and Growit.

Let me Give You 4 Fun Activities For Your Family: Why Do not Start Making a Family Memory Video Album, My Favorite One?

Although we do not organize them, we take many videos and photos every day. There are times we do not remember where we have filmed them. Most people are not different. Why do you not start taking photos and videos yearly on the same day? It can be a starting point for a helpful album. Start collecting photos and videos from everyone in the family before organizing the album. Lightt, Storehouse, and Steller are ideal apps helping you manage a video album. Then, organizing a family album becomes more enjoyable if you use your iPhone and have fun activities. Many quality apps are available for making an album.

We are looking forward to your comments.

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